Con10ergy has access to a wide range of experienced and dedicated consultants who provide clients with the opportunity to achieve excellence in their organisations through the provision of innovative and informative organisational development and training opportunities. Our consultants have worked extensively in both the public and private sectors and we ensure their skills and experiences are matched to your organisational needs.



A key component of Con10ergy’s commitment to energising people and projects ® is to provide the right level of coaching at the right time. Con10ergy provides a personalised coaching service where each session is designed according to the needs of the individual client and provides them with the confidence and commitment to enhance their personal and professional development. Con10ergy provides coaching solutions for both individuals and teams at all levels in your organisation.




"This has been the best thing I have ever done, it has given me the confidence to look at life in a different way. I now focus on the things I can do rather than worrying about the things I have no control over".


Coaching Client, 2015



Energising People + Projects


Con10ergy works with individuals, teams and organisations to provide both personal and professional development through a variety of facilitation and coaching services. We develop strong collaborative relationships with our clients through building trust, respect and the desire to make a difference.

"What I liked best was their teaching of skills to use in the workplace and day-day".


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