A key component of Con10ergy’s commitment to energising people and projects ® is to provide the right coaching at the right time.

Con10ergy provides a personalised coaching service where each session is designed according to the needs of the individual client.

The key focus of Con10ergy Coaching is to provide a catalyst for individuals to take control of their personal and professional lives by developing the confidence to make decisions and be more engaged in their future.



Individual coaching sessions are designed specifically to the needs of the individual and their plan for moving forward. The session are initially face-to-face and can also be delivered through either Skype or Telephone meetings.




Management coaching is specifically designed to provide managers with the tools and confidence to manage effectively in a dynamic environment. The sessions focus on both the human skills and conceptual skills that managers need to develop as they progress through their careers.



Con10ergy Team Coaching can be provided to organisations at their monthly team meetings. The aim of these sessions is to provide teams with up-to-date skills required for them to operate as high performing teams and motivate them to excel in their chosen area.




Aimed at a high level of personal and professional performance, executive coaching challenges the individual to step out of their comfort zone and push themselves to the next level of performance. Each session is individually tailored to meet the goals of the coachee and they in turn must commit to action learning projects at both a professional and personal level.