Con10ergy has access to a wide range of experienced consultants who provide clients with the opportunity to achieve excellence in their organisations through the provision of innovative and informative organisational development and training opportunities.

Con10ergy has sourced the most experienced and professional consultants with proven track records for service delivery excellence.



  • Building Client Relationships

  • Effective Workplace Strategies

  • Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

  • Powerful Presentations

  • Voice & Vocal Techniques

  • Writing Skills

  • Networking skills




  • Creating Confident Managers

  • Adaptive and Innovative Management

  • Team Development

  • Team Planning

  • Mentoring & Coaching

  • Career Planning and Job Applications

  • Remote teams




  • Project Management

  • Strategic Thinking & Planning

  • Time Management

  • Career Planning and Job Applications

  • Code of Conduct Training

  • Delivering Service Excellence



  • Leadership for Emerging Leaders

  • Leadership Skills for Middle to Senior Managers

  • Four Seasons of Leadership for Teams




  • Communication Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Mentoring for Graduates

  • People Skills

  • Understanding Government

  • Public Sector Writing

  • Project Management for Graduates

  • Career Planning




  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator

  • Team Management Index

  • DiSC – workplace, 363 Coaching and 8 Dimensions of Leadership

  • Leadership Practices Inventory

  • True Colours

  • International Coaching Federation Accreditation

  • Mediator Accreditation

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment

Why choose Con10ergy for your training and development needs? 

Con10ergy provides you with the right fit for all your training and development needs.


When you work with Con10ergy, there will always be someone available to talk to about your individual and organisational needs and to organise your programs.


Con10ergy can provide facilitators and consultants across all Australian capital cities and regional centres.


Con10ergy offers an on-going hotline service if you feel your staff will need additional coaching following any development or training your staff undertake.

Con10ergy Consulting is committed to providing you with the best training and development package to suit your individual needs.

Project Alliances and Partnerships


Con10ergy specialises in the bringing together of skilled and experienced people to energise your people and your projects. Part of this includes the availability of our team to develop your project team across organisations so that your proposals and delivery of projects maximizes your opportunity for success.




Con10ergy Consulting is a recognised provider on the following panels:


  • Standing Officer Arrangement Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office QGCOP878-13

  • Department of Transport and Main Roads, Provision of Business Management Services, PMD 24/15

  • Health and Community Services Workforce Council


We are also acknowledged as the preferred provider for a variety of public and private sector organisations